If you are visiting our church, we want you to feel welcome.

We invite you to join us for worship on Sundays at 10:00 am and 2:30 pm. We have greeters and ushers ready to assist you as needed and also have a dedicated host family each week that is ready to welcome you into their home, should you wish.

Common questions a visitor may have prior to visiting our church include:

What are your worship services like?
For more information on our worship services, please click here.

Is child care available?
Yes. We have nursery care available for infants and toddlers during all of our worship services, and also have “Little Lambs” (for ages 3-6) programs during our morning worship services.

What music is included in your worship services?
Our worship music consists of congregational singing. Our singing is accompanied by one or more instruments including organ, piano, and/or guitar.

Our worship songs are selected from our Book of Praise. The Book of Praise includes 150 Biblical Psalms put to music plus a selection of 80 Christian hymns.

What parts of your worship services include audience participation?
The main audience participation in our worship service is congregational singing, but there are also a few responsive Amens throughout the worship service.

Is your church location accessible through public transit?
Yes, our church is located on Creditview Rd and Fairhill rd, and there is a bus stop directly in front of the church. Alternatively, the church is a ten minute walk from the Mt. Pleasant Go Centre.

Is there parking available at your church?
Yes, there is ample free parking behind our church building.

Does your church have a Safe Church or Abuse Prevention Policy?
Yes. For the safety and comfort of all members, guests, and visitors, Grace has a Safe Church Policy (abuse prevention policy).

How can I contact a Pastor?
Simply email one of our pastors.


We believe that we are ordinary people, saved by extraordinary grace.

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In addition to our worship services, we have Bible Studies, Fellowship Groups, and many other activities.