We are a long established congregation of ordinary people, renewed by the extraordinary grace given to us through Jesus Christ.

The old church Building on Creditview and Bovaird

In January of 1956, the Canadian Reformed Church of Brampton was established by immigrants from the Netherlands fleeing the devastation of WWII. A few years after being established, the congregation purchased it’s first building on the corner of Creditview (now Salvation Rd.) and Bovaird Dr.

In the beginning the congregation was largely a rural congregation. Our old church building stood in the middle of acres of farmland. Over the years, the city grew until it surrounded our old building with the new Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood. The rural congregation became a city congregation.

The new building at Creditview and Fairhill

Roughly 5 years ago we sold the old building and built a new building at Creditview and Fairhill. Our new building quickly became home to us, and we are always looking for new ways to bless the neighbourhood with our building.

Also, over the years the congregation has changed to include members from many different ethnicities and backgrounds. People from all over the world now worship with us and are always warmly welcomed. The family of Jesus Christ includes people from every tribe, nation and tongue and we seek to be faithful to that.


The word “reformed” is indeed essential for today. It simply means “back to the original form,” that is the form which God himself intended and revealed in His Word the Bible. The word “Reformed” points to the Bible as the Word of God; the solid foundation for our faith, and Jesus Christ as the only Head of the Church. This foundation was again discovered during the years of the great reformation by Martin Luther and John Calvin, among others.

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The Canadian Reformed Churches are a federation of Reformed churches, most of which are in Canada. A few are in the United States and are called “American Reformed Churches.”

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